the Madwoman(T),the Ferryman(Bar),the Traveller(bar),theSpirit of the Boy(treble),Leader of the Pilgrims/the Abbot (B), Chorus of Pilgrims (3T, 3 Bar, 2B), 3 Assistants (boys - silent roles) fl(=picc) - horn - viola.bass - harp - perc(1) 5 smalluntuned drums/5 small bells/1 large tuned gong -chamber organ


Full score (paper) 0-571-50720-4, rehearsal score (eng/ger) 0-571-50002-1, libretto (eng) 0-571-50094-3 on sale, rehearsal score (french) and parts for hire

Curlew River

using the authoirsed Japanese singing translation by Kasuma Yamanaka

Ushiku Chateau (Ushiku, Ibaraki, Japan)

Kasuma Yamanaka, Hiromitsu Sato