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Programme Notes

The colour of this work comes from the instrumentation (used by both Beethoven and Brahms in their clarinet trios). Here the cello is often placed higher than the clarinet, which is mostly kept low in the dark, ‘chalumeau’, register. The piano tends to stand alone. A scherzo and a slow movement lurk within the piece, but broken up into shards and roughly glued together. The fragments include piano chorales (which bookend the piece), lyrical moments and hockets (where one line hops playfully between different instruments). A Dramolet is short, about five minutes long. I’ve borrowed the title from the Swiss writer Robert Walser, whose writing became more and more condensed. His microscopic texts (written in miniscule pencil writing) are complex and allusive montages.

© John Woolrich

Dramolet, A

Contemporary Arts Centre (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Lithuanian Ensemble Network

Dramolet, A


St John's Smith Square (London, United Kingdom)

London Sinfonietta, Royal Academy of Music Manson Ensemble

Dramolet, A

No Venue (Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, United Kingdom)

Contemporary Consort

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Dramolet, A

Kings Place (London, United Kingdom)

Composers Ensemble

Dramolet, A

St Catherine's Church (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Composers Ensemble