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Programme Notes

Duet was commissioned by The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, for Martin Fröst and Janine Jansen for a performance involving dance

The piece starts out extremely calm, where both players have meditative melodic lines on an equal level.

After this introductory section, the violin takes the role of staying in the background, accompanying the clarinet, who plays a music seemingly produced by 2 clarinets creating echo-effects, a technique I've used earlier in pieces I've written for Martin Fröst, like the Clarinet Concerto Peacock Tales and the little piece The Peacock Moment for clarinet and piano.

After this the two players become equal again, but in contrast to the floating beginning of the piece, the music here becomes rhythmically much more sharp, accented and pulse-based.

Then the roles are reversed, the clarinet becomes the background to an ecstatic flow in the violin, and it all concludes in an ending where the two instruments become equal again and slowly fade out.



BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom)

Cara Doyle, Ragnhild Kyvik Bauge

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Milton Court, Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London, United Kingdom)

Students from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama


School of Music, Michigan State University (East Lansing , MI, USA)

Tasha Warren

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Kungliga Musikhögskolan (Stockholm, Sweden)

Wojciech Sokoùowski, Agata Kawa-Cajler


Phillips Collection (Washington, DC, USA)