0.0.3 (II=fl, III=bcl+tsax) - 2221 - perc(2) - gtr(=banjo) - pno - 6 vln.vlc.db


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Starring: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Noah Young Director: Hal Roach Production Company: Hal Roach Studios LISA, 1920 Duration: 30 minutes Film Print: B&W print available from Harold Lloyd Trust (Film Speed: 17-18 frames per second) Premiere with Davis's score: 2000, tour in Belgium and The Netherlands 22 Players: 0.0.3(II=fl.III=bcl+tsax).0 - 2.2.l.btrbn.0 - perc(=timp) -drum kit(=perc) - pno(=cel) - banjo(=gtr) - 6 vlns.vlc.db Lloyd stars as his stock character, the Boy, who has been packed off to stay out west with his uncle. Uncle's ranch is near Piute Pass, where it is considered bad form to shoot the same man twice in the same day. The first person the Boy meets is the Girl. Local bully, 'Tiger Lip' Tompkins, wants the Girl, and to encourage her to reciprocate his feelings has locked her sick father in a room over the saloon. Always eager to rescue damsels in distress, the Boy volunteers as her champion and, in typical Lloyd style, after many stunts and adventures, saves the day. Carl Davis's score draws on Twenties' jazz styles. Its orchestration, based on the line-up of the Paul Whiteman Band, is the same as that for Safety Last to enable the two films to be run as a double bill.

Eastern Westerner, An

Philharmonie Luxembourg (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Carl Davis CBE

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