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Programme Notes

ff is fortissimo. It is also fast. The simple, brilliant spectra are really an enriched single line with the brightness control turned up. The ‘drumming’ in the bass should be highly accented and rhythmic. I hope ff will encourage pianists, both professional and amateur, to let go of inhibitions and be exuberant! Jonathan Harvey


St John's Smith Square (London, United Kingdom)

Joseph Houston, Eliza McCarthy, Rolf Hind


Wigmore Hall (London, United Kingdom)

students of the Royal Northern College of Music


Studio Theatre Installation (11am-tpm tbc) Based on: Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco (9') Ritual Melodies (14') Mythic Figures (9')

Carole Nash Recital Room, Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, United Kingdom)


"Tinerimea Română"

National Arts Centre (Bucharest, Romania)


Noorderkerk (Groningen, Netherlands)

Ralph van Raat