'A music that seems formed by instinct as much as technique.' The Toronto Star


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Programme Notes

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Five Eliot Landscapes

St George the Martyr, Borough (London, United Kingdom)

William Cole, Rebecca Hardwick

Five Eliot Landscapes

Whitsell Auditorium, Portland Art Museum (Portland, OR, USA)

Helen Huang, Nicholas Fox

Five Eliot Landscapes

Virginia only

Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory (Boston, MA, USA)

Yelena Dudochkin, Tatyana Dudochkin

Five Eliot Landscapes

South Oxford Space (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Justine Aronson, Charlotte Mundy, Michael Brofman, Richard Valitutto

Five Eliot Landscapes

Carnegie Hall (New York City, NY, USA)

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, Thomas Adès