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Score and parts available for hire. Contact publisher for details on surround sound diffusion.

Programme Notes

flak was written in 2007 as part of the London Sinfonietta’s Blue Touch Paper project, a scheme set up to allow young composers the support to realise an ambitious project of their choosing.
I saw my BTP project as a chance to write for electronics, something I hadn't really done before at that point ,and also to think about how I could incorporate some of the things I like about dance music and electronica into my writing.
I've always planned my pieces in a graphic way and spent a lot of time thinking about what the roles of bits of material could be and why and how I would use the electronics at different moments to make full use of a surround sound environment.
The brilliant Sound Intermedia constructed bespoke software for the piece to realise the ideas for the electronics I had which are all processed live.
flak is split up into 4 sections:
grabber: single notes within a line are grabbed and repeated
building & loops: captured notes are transposed into rising scales and start to be propelled around the room -  building into what I thought of as a ‘casino texture’ where just scales move in rising sequences.
supsersize me: the individual characteristics of the instruments are exaggerated to highlight their differences
unify & robify: (a word I suspect I made up & which I have convinced myself means, '


Royal College of Music (London, United Kingdom)

RCM's New Perspectives Ensemble, Timothy Lines

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The Leggate Lecture Theatre, Victoria Gallery & Museum (Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom)

Ensemble 10:10, Clark Rundell

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