1(=picc).1(=ca).1(=bcl).1 - 2210 - perc(2): xyl/glsp/vib/t.bells/2 timp/drum kit/wdbl/tgl/tamb/2 susp.cym/sizz.cym/crash.cym/2 tam-t/SD/TD/BD/2 gongs/tam-2 - 2 pno - strings


score and parts in preparation

Programme Notes

Starring: Tom Keene, Lina Basquette
Director: Cecil B. De Mille
Production Company: Pathé, 1929
Film Print: 35mm B&W print available from Photoplay Productions. (Film Speed: 24 frames per second). Recorded for TV/Cinema
Cecil B De Mille’s last silent film was an intense prison drama set in a Reform School (Borstal) for convicted teenagers.  The film, with its scenes of sadism and spectacular riot and fire as its finale, was highly controversial in its day and fuelled a review of institutional practice.  The score is an unusual grouping drawing on themes from Bach as well as the hymn “What Wondrous Love is This”.