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Programme Notes

The ‘Hidden Voice’ is a muted string instrument, first of all violin, then viola, finally cello, which sings of a secret longing – for the original language of childhood, for the devine. It always plays with normal unmuted , but feminine and delicate music on the other strings. The wind play more formal shapes – suggestive of ritual. The two horns, two cellos and tubular bells are the voice of the Master, or teacher. This eventually dissolves; it is no longer necessary. Two or three slow chords are its feature. Inner self/outer self/guide are the basic personae of the piece. It was commissioned by and dedicated to Sinfonia 21 with whom I look forward to working in my association in the coming years.

Hidden Voice 1

No Venue (Kraków, Poland)

Ensemble Intercontemporain

Hidden Voice 1

Casa da Música (Porto, Portugal)

Emilio Pomarico, Remix Ensemble

Hidden Voice 1

No Venue (Caen, Basse-Normandie, France)

Jean-Louis Basset, Orchestre de Caen

Hidden Voice 1

Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands)

ASKO Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble

Hidden Voice 1

Auditorium della RAI 'Arturo Toscanini' (Turin, Piedmont, Italy)

Lorraine Vaillancourt, Orchestra Sinfonica RAI