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Programme Notes

Hymns of Kassiana was written for the Marian Consort and violinist Daniel Pioro, who suggested I make a new work based on two chants by Byzantine composer Kassia (I also wrote a partner work, O Ecclesia, O Euchari, for the same forces, based on chants by Hildegard).


They’re very free in how they adapt the material, and place it in unfamiliar surroundings. Both pieces, however, present the original chants in full (though perhaps stretched, compressed, or multiplied to fit their new clothing).


In O Vasilevs tis doxis Christos, a tenor voice intones the hymns, surrounded by eerie harmonies and metronomic ticking.


Hymn of Kassiana adapts Kassia’s most famous hymn – it is sometimes presented in the voices, sometimes in the violin, but always with instabilities in tuning and declamatory calls from the whole choir.

Hymns of Kassiana

Holy Trinity Church (Blythburgh, Suffolk, United Kingdom)

Daniel Pioro/Marian Consort