0000 – 1110 – perc(1): claves/2 susp.cym/vib/2 wdbl/2 small drum/SD/guiro/crot/2 congas/hi-hat/3 c.bells/tom-t/finger.cyms/tgl/mcas/tam-t – pno – harp – elec organ – string quartet – synthesizer (VCS3 requires player & assistant) – amplification system


Score 0571505597 on sale, parts and ADAT for hire

Inner Light 2

No Venue (Brussels, Belgium)

Frances Alain, Helix Ensemble

Inner Light 2

Composer of the Week

BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom)

Howarth, London Sinfonietta, various

Inner Light 2

Town Hall (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom)

Elgar Howarth, London Sinfonietta