Violin 1, Violin 2, Violin 3, Cello


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Programme Notes

This set of short pieces was composed specifically to cater for the technical abillities of junior string players. They encourage the player to maintain a strong sense of beat as well as de­manding other ensemble skills. “Tap It!” is based on a recurring melodic motive and involves the students tapping their instru­ments amongst a series of catchy tunes. “Mechanical Windchimes” is inspired by the timbre of windchimes and uses aspects of Asian modes. “Bumpin’ Along” contrasts with the previous movement in its happy-go-lucky rhythmic energy and drive. “Sad Song” is characterised by smooth legato playing in the upper violins contrasting with pizzicato figures in the lower instru­ments. The punchy energy of “Jumping Jive” encourages the students to produce small, fast bows strokes, helping to create a clarity of timbre and ensemble.