solo soprano saxophone in Bb (in 2 playing positions). Band A (at front of main ensemble): trumpets 1; trombones 1 & 2; bass trombone; baritones. Main ensemble (at front, behind Band A): flugelhorns 1-3; trumpets 3; horns 1-8; euphoniums; tubas in C & Bb; low tuba in Eb; timpani (chromatic); percussion 1-3 (I=gong mamelon (G); 36" tam-t; SD. II=vib. III=t.bells; claves; wdbl.) Band B (rear of cathedral with video feed): trumpets 2; soprano saxophones; alto saxophones 1 & 2; tenor saxophones 1 & 2; baritone saxophones; tuba; percussion 4 (claves; gong mamelon (B); 36" tam-t).


Score and parts for hire

Keys of Canterbury, The

Canterbury Cathedral (Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom)

Jess Gillam, Het Frysk Fanfare Orkest, Jouke Hoekstra

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