1.1.1.bcl.0 – 1.1(in C).1.0 - perc(2): xyl/glsp/2 crot (F&G)/splash.cym/siz.cym/chin.cym/medium susp.cym/small cyms/very high tins (large and small)/kitchen pot (low sound – F)/Cajon (flamenco)/Wood box (mounted on a resonant, small wooden table)/glass bottle and hammer/tabla/bongos/3 taiko drums (very small, small, large)/TD/BD - pno - 2 vln.vla.vlc.db


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Programme Notes

The Polish sociologist, philosopher and essayist Zygmunt Bauman coined the concept of ‘liquid modernity’ to describe the fluid and volatile state of today’s society, a world without strong values in which uncertainty weakens the human bonds that were hitherto believed to be firm. In his Liquid Symmetries (2013) Francisco Coll has developed a sound language based upon a principle of permanent uncertainty. Through a succession of truncated beginnings and endings – a constant process of composition, decomposition and recomposition – the work takes on a ‘liquid’ structure, in which everything changes. Brief imitative figures and isorhythmic passages shape the score into a virtuosic continuum. The resultant music does not evoke the ‘individuals’ speaking through instruments – not voices conversing with one another in counterpoint: it is instead an indistinct mass, akin to faceless machinery, which liquefies the contours of things and, ultimately annuls the differences between them.

Antonio Gómez

Liquid Symmetries

KoncertKirken (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Athelas Sinfonietta, Robert Houssart

Liquid Symmetries

Alte Oper (Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany)

Ensemble Modern, Pablo Rus

Liquid Symmetries


BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom)

London Sinfonietta, Martyn Brabbins

Liquid Symmetries

UK premiere of Liquid Symmetries Capital premiere of Falling Angel + live TX on BBC Radio 3

St John's Smith Square (London, United Kingdom)

London Sinfonietta, Martyn Brabbins

Liquid Symmetries

Harris Concert Hall (Aspen, CO, USA)

Sydney Hodkinson, Aspen Contemporary Ensemble