any instrument of grade 1 standard with electronic backing


Playing score and backing track available on special sale from the Hire Library


Programme Notes

Lylat was designed as an inclusive piece for anyone (on any instrument) who can muster a G major (ish...) scale in semibreves and also with an accompanying tape part which turned in to a sort of romp for processed thumb pianos.
Performance Notes:
Lylat is a short piece for live instrument (which can be amplified) and accompanying track part –. 
Parts in treble and bass clef and in C , E♭ and B♭ are available.  
The material can be played at any appropriate octave to the performing instrument but should be within the same octave throughout.  
The overall effect should be simple and unaffected growing scale but the trill should always stick out of the texture and be a wonky as possible.


Louis P. Ciminelli Recital Hall, Buffalo State, State University of New York (Buffalo, NY, USA)

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