Trumpet and electronics. Note on electronics: a multi-track loop buffer system is required, with easy player manipulatability, ie a keyboard with designated keys for RECORD TRACK'n', PLAYBACK in loops and STOP. A harmoniser with keyboard input for the transpositions is required. It is set in relation to middle C - input note from trumpet. The tracks may be distributed simply in four speakers 1-4, 5-8, 9-12 etc.


Score on special sale from the Hire Library. Electronics to be provided by the performer

Programme Notes

Other Presences was composed for Markus Stockhausen, with his electronic extensions. The principal idea is that the trumpet is multiplied and becomes present invisibly at other points in space. The sounds are very close to the Tibetan Buddhist open-air ceremonial music which I witnessed on a recent visit to monasteries at and near Rajpur. The ceremonies are rituals of purification. Other Presences was commissioned by the Cheltenham International Festival, supported by the Cheltenham Festival Society. JH

Other Presences

Dartington Hall (Dartington, Devon, United Kingdom)

Paul Archibald

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Other Presences

Cafe OTO (London, United Kingdom)

London Sinfonietta/Sound Intermedia/Alistair Mackie

Other Presences

will be broadcast

LSO St Luke's (London, United Kingdom)

Marco Blaauw/BBC Singers/Martyn Brabbins/Sound Intermedia

Other Presences

City Halls (Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Tom Poulson

Other Presences

No Venue (Groningen, Netherlands)