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Programme Notes

Ricercare una Melodia was commissioned by the Park Lane Group. Ricercare means literally ‘to seek’, and in musical usage it signifies a fugal, often rather strict, movement. Here, a five-part canon is obtained by means of a tape-delay system, and when the ‘sought-after’ melody is ‘found’, the canon is by progressive augmentation and at the interval of the octave. It was written for Jonathan Impett and John Whiting. First performance given on 10 January 1985 in the Purcell Room, given by Jonathan Impett and the Park Lane Group.

Ricercare una Melodia (trumpet)

Cafe OTO (London, United Kingdom)

London Sinfonietta/Sound Intermedia/Alistair Mackie

Ricercare una Melodia (trumpet)

Red Note Ensemble/Mark O'Keeffe

Ricercare una Melodia (trumpet)

Oval Space (London, United Kingdom)

London Contemporary Orchestra/Robert Ames

Ricercare una Melodia (trumpet)

Royal Albert Hall (London, United Kingdom)

London Contemporary Orchestra/Hugh Brunt

Ricercare una Melodia (trumpet)

Radio Broadcast (Japan)