(picc). asax.2 - 2(4).2.2.1 - timp - perc(6): glsp/xylo/drum kit/2 crash cym/ch.cym/2 wdbl/congas or bongos/tgl/claves/sand block (or chicken shaker or maraca)/vibraslap/c.bell/tamb - pno - strings


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Programme Notes

Matthew Hindson RPM Commissioned by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. This version was especially commissioned as part of their Playerlink series, in which students joined in performance with a number of professional members of the orchestra. RPM stands for Revolutions per Minute. This piece seeks to capture the feeling of unrelenting speed, acceleration and momentum. The composer was influenced by heavy metal music, and describes the overall effect as similar to that of driving in a car at a very high speed. prog.note from Symphony Under the Stars programme guide, 1998 Matthew Hindson is an academic staff member at the University of Sydney.

RPM (schools version)

Haileybury and Imperial Service College (Hertford, United Kingdom)

EYMS Orchestra, Steve Dummer

RPM (schools version)

Lane Cove Public School (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Lane Cove Youth Orchestra, Simon Thew

RPM (schools version)

Christ Church (Derry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)

Western Education and Library Board Youth Orchestra

RPM (schools version)

Town Hall (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

HICES Symphony Orchestra, Stephen Williams

RPM (schools version)

Newington College (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Anthony Clarke, Newington College