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Programme Notes

The piece was prompted by the experience of exposure to close lightning, and running fast before it in wild exhilaration, aware that it could kill at any moment. The flute, with its vivid connection to turbulent storm-wind, is also close to human breath, breath in emotion. The acoustic structure of the flute's tube determines how the turbulence is channeled into musical sound; and canonic melodies channel further the musical sound's embodiment as structure. I would like to thank Sophie Cherier, Isabelle Carré and Tony Robb for advice on the flute; and Claude Samuel for suggesting I write for the distinguished Concours Rampal.

Run Before Lightning

Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre (Melbourne, VIC, Australia)

Inventi Ensemble/Melissa Doecke/Ben Opie/Peter de Jager

Run Before Lightning

Casa della Musica (Parma, Italy)


Run Before Lightning

De Link (Tilburg, Netherlands)

Musikfabrik/Helen Bledsoe

Run Before Lightning

Salle de la Bourse (Strasbourg, Alsace, France)

Ensemble Recherche

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Run Before Lightning

Noorderkerk (Groningen, Netherlands)

Ralph van Raat/Ilonka Kolthof