0.0.2(I=ssax+asax.II=asax+fl+picc).bcl(=tsax+bsax).0 -2.2(I=flhn).2.1 - perc(1/2): vib/chimes/xyl/glsp/marktree/bell tree/tgl/2 whistle/ratchet/cyms/vibraslap/whip/flexatone/(3 timp) - drum kit -pno(=cel) - banjo(=gtr) - 6 vln.vlc.db


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Programme Notes

Starring: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis. Bill Stroth Directors: Fred Newmeyer, Sam Taylor Production company: Hal Roach Studios USA, 1923 Duration: 74 minutes Film Print: B&W print available from Photoplay Productions (Film Speed: 20-22 frames per second) Premiere with Davis's score: 1989, London 22 Players: 0.0.3(I=ssax+asax.II=asax+fl+picc.III=bcl+tsax+bsax).0 - 2.2.2(t/b).1 -perc(=timp) - drum kit(=perc) - pno(=cel) - banio(=gtr) - (mm) 6vln.vlc.db Harold Lloyd's search for a character that could capture the American public's imagination resulted in 'the Boy', a bespectacled, straw-hatted and aspiring young man typical of his generation. Safety Last is the classic thrill picture, inspired by the 'human fly' phenomenon of the time when men climbed sky-scrapers unaided as publicity stunts. Lloyd plays the Boy, who comes to the big city and wins his fortune and his girl by becoming a human fly. The orchestration of Davis's score is based on the line-up of the Paul Whiteman Band, and is inspired by the popular music of the Twenties. An Eastern Westerner has the same orchestration so that the two films can be run as a double bill.

Safety Last

Journey Downtown Restaurant (Vacaville, CA, USA)

Ralph Martin, Grand Feature Film Orchestra

Safety Last

Philharmonie Luxembourg (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, Carl Davis CBE

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