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Programme Notes

Serenade was commissioned by Glyndebourne Festival Opera. Written to preface performances of The Magic Flute, my Serenade ends with a loud, high chord of E flat, the first chord of the opera. But that is not the only connection. The ensemble includes two flutes, one doubling piccolo: Mozart never wrote a serenade for wind using flutes, but of course for The Magic Flute there had to be flutes, Papegeno’s pipes too, represented at the very beginning of the first movement, and returning in the second movement, by the piccolo. In fact they seem to inspire much of the running scale style of the first movement. There are several other quotes in the contrapuntal fabric of the second movement too. But there is a hidden agenda. The first movement quotes from my opera, itself inspired by The Magic Flute, Inquest of Love. The inner meaning will be revealed when it is itself performed in June 1993!


Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel (Brussels, Belgium)

Students Koninklijk Conservatorium, Benjamin Dieltjens


Royal Academy of Music (London, United Kingdom)

Musicians from the Royal Academy of Music


BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom)

BBC Symphony Orchestra, Douglas Boyd


Marlboro College (Marlboro, VT, USA)

Marlborough College


DePaul Concert Hall (Chicago, IL, USA)

DePaul University, Cliff Colnot