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In parts of the developing world where people's lives have been devastated by war, famine or natural disaster, the Save the Children Fund give the women of these communities sewing machines, small miracles of engineering from the time of the Industrial Revolution not dependent on electricity, and like the stringed instruments of the western orchestra, yet to be surpassed in ingenuity and practicality. With them, the women can rebuild their lives themselves, stitch by stitch. They have also grouped themselves into sewing schools that they might, with shared expertise, work more quickly and effectively, and that they might provide for each other solidarity and companionship. (c) Howard Goodall

Sewing Schools

3 movts only from Eternal Light (Lead kindly light, Lacrymosa and Agnus Dei)

Town Hall (Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

Leeds Grammar School/Bradford Festival Choral Society/Leeds College of Music/Howard Goodall

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