1(=picc+afl).1(=ca).2(I=fl+asax.II=bcl+Ebcl).1 - 2310 - perc(2):timp/xyl/cyms/vib/susp.cym/glsp/SD/nightingale/carhorns/tam-t/BD/typewriter/tgl/slide whistle/skull/tamb/cast/tom-t/guiro/ bell/ klaxon/police whistle/bell/ratchet/hand.cyms/whip/thrush/swanee whistle/c.bell/duck quack/t.bells/drumkit - pno(=harmonium+cel) - harp - strings (10 vln.2vla.2 vlc.1 db)


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Programme Notes

Starring: Marion Davies, William Haines Director: King Vidor Production company: MGM USA, 1928 Duration: 79 minutes Film Print: B&W print available from Photoplay Productions (Film Speed: 24 frames per second) Premiere with Davis's score: 1982, London 30 Players: I (=picc).I(=ca).2(I=bcl.II=fl).1 – 2310 - perc(2) inc. drum kit - pno(=cel+harmonium) - harp strings (mm I) Show People is a comedy about Hollywood, loosely based on Gloria Swanson's early career, Marion Davies plays a star-struck girl trying to make it big in Hollywood. Starting in slapstick and comedy, she progresses to romantic features and stardom, only to renounce its pretentious trappings by going back to comedy and the man she really loves. The audience are treated to behind-the-scenes glimpses of the stars and the studios. Many stars, including Charlie Chaplin, John Gilbert and Douglas Fairbanks Snr., make cameo appearances. Carl Davis's music alternates in mood between slapstick and sentiment and quotes heavily from his score for the Hollywood television series. There is a unique moment in the film when musicians on the set are seen playing on screen to help the artistes get into the right mood - an irony not lost in the score.

Show People

Rudolf-Oetker-Halle (Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)

Bielefelder Philharmoniker, Bernd Wilden