fl(=picc).ob.2 cl(II=cbcl).bsn – hn.tpt.trbn – piano – perc(1): vib/crot/t.bell/2 tuned gong/susp.cym/tam-t/guero/4 rototom – 2 vln.vla.vlc.db


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Programme Notes

Sringara is an Indian 'rasa' or flavour or mood signifying a love-essence, love between man and woman or mother and child. The chaconne consists of four gentle chords. They rise slowly through many transformations. There are more objective events that repeat - like the chaconne - but they crop up almost randomly. This 13-14 minute work is commissioned by, and dedicated to, Lorraine Vaillancourt and her Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, with whom I have happily worked; it is to wish them Happy 20th Birthday.


'Harvey's astonishing Sringara Chaconne, rooted in Buddhist spirituality, unfolded like the repetitions of a mantra, contemplating the unity of the cosmos in the sensuous immediacy of sound.'
The Guardian (Tim Ashley), 23 January 2020

‘Dizzying, sensuous and joyful panache… music of spiritual purpose but still with a human face.’
The Times (Geoff Brown), 24 January 2020


Sringāra Chaconne

Museum Tinguely (Basel, Switzerland)

Ensemble Diagonal/Marcus Weiss

Sringāra Chaconne

Royal Academy of Music (London, United Kingdom)

Royal Academy of Music/The Riot Ensemble/Aaron Holloway-Nahum

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Sringāra Chaconne

KoncertKirken (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Athelas Sinfonietta/Robert Houssart

Sringāra Chaconne

Veletrzní Palác (Trade Fair Palace) (Prague, Czech Republic)

Prague Modern Ensemble/Baldur Brönnimann

Sringāra Chaconne

Viitasaari Areena (Viitasaari, Finland)

Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie

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