picc. – 4.3.2.btrbn.1 – perc(4/5): peking opera gong/2 rototom/2 thai nipple gong/2 tin can(sml & med)/metal dustbin/splash.cym/hi-hat.cym/BD/2 conga/tom-tom(med)/2 log drums(lg)/vib/mar/2 xyl – harp – strings


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Programme Notes

I found the starting point for this piece in the extraordinary close-ups of plants which the German photographer Karl Blossfeldt published in 1929. His magnified images show the intricate details, sleek designs and architectural shapes of hundreds of plants. Leaf shapes result from patterns of growth that start and stop. The points at which these changes occur are called ‘nodes’ or ‘points of arrest’. This is where growth stops in one direction, starts in the opposite direction and grows with maximum velocity, resulting in all varieties of leaf design. The beginning of ‘Streamlines’ is like a ‘point of arrest’ where a sudden growth spurt appears from nowhere and a line starts to emerge. Forceful interruptions continue throughout the piece, creating openings for new lines and patterns which in turn are jettisoned as the piece unfolds. Tansy Davies


Berwaldhallen (Stockholm, Sweden)

Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Ben Gernon


Teatro Cánovas (Málaga, Spain)

Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, José Luis Estellés


Central Hall Westminster (London, United Kingdom)

Orange County High School of the Arts Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Russell


Pomona First Baptist Church (Pomona, CA, USA)

OCHSA, Christopher Russell


Symphony Hall (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

CBSO Youth Orchestra, Paul Daniel