0.0.2(I=fl+tsax.II=asax+bsax).1 - 0110 - perc(2):timp/xyl/BD/cyms/glsp/vib/mark tree/tgl/guiro/t.bells/ SD/susp.cym/flexatone/c.bell bucket/tom-t/mcas/wdbl/swanee whistle/bell tree/motor horn/siren/sand block/popgun - pno - DX7 -strings (


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Programme Notes

Starring: Harry Langdon Director: Frank Capra Production Company: First National USA. 1926 Duration: 76 minutes Film Print: B&W print struck from the original camera negative available from Photoplay Productions (Film Speed: 24 frames per second) Premiere with Davis's score: 1991, Giornate del Cinema Muro, Pordenone 13 Players: 0.0.2(I=fl+tsax.II=asax+bsax).1 - 0110 - perc(2)(I=timp,II=drum kit) - pno - synth strings (11101) (note: piano and synthesiser require separate players) Harry Langdon stars at his comic best playing Paul, a Belgian war veteran. In the company of a German professional weightlifter, Zandow the Great, he goes to America in search of his pen-friend. He finds her in a small American town, which is terrorised by a gang of bootleggers. They declare their undying love. Paul has to replace Zandow in the ring at short notice and in a hilarious sequence he succeeds in driving the gang out of town. Using a small ensemble, Davis captures the quality of Langdon's acting and direction with long sustained passages of static harmony and repeated rhythmic patterns.

Strong Man, The

Missouri Theater (Columbia, MO, USA)

Kirk Trevor, Missouri Symphony

Strong Man, The

Tobias Theatre, Indianapolis Museum of Art (Indianapolis, IN, USA)

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Kirk Trevor