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Programme Notes

Tailitnama Song (‘Tai’ pronounced ‘tie’) is based upon The Song of Tailitnama, for soprano, six cellos and percussion, a work that I wrote in 1974. The text of the original work consists of four verses, in the Aranda language, from a rock wallaby song associated with the area. The verses concern the glowing of the mountains, the coming of dawn and the singing of native bluebirds as they soar to the sky. Like the arrangement for cello and piano, this arrangement is made up of three parts. Following the first, an impassioned chant, the second part is a statement of the melody to which the Aranda verses are sung. The work ends with a brief coda. Peter Sculthorpe

Tailitnama Song

Civic Theatre (Townsville, QLD, Australia)

Tamara-Anna Cislowska, Hartmut Rohde

Tailitnama Song

No Venue (Rome, Lazio, Italy)

Maurizio Barbetti, Il Canteri