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Programme Notes

Matthew Hindson Technologic 145 Technologic 145 is a work in three movements. The first is a slow-moving, grinding introduction, which features a didjeridu-like cello solo. The second movement is an energetic and vibrant work featuring virtuosic and rhythmic playing from most members of the ensemble. The final movement acts a slower, more contemplative summary. As the title suggests, technologic 145 is influenced by aspects of techno music, particularly its repetitive structures and driving rhythms. The work was a finalist in the 1998 ABC Young Composer of the Year competition. Matthew Hindson


‘The piece is exceptionally well scored for the medium, beginning with a gritty cello monologue offset by subtle shape-shifting manoeuvres. There is a relentless momentum behind much of the writing. The sonorities are full-blooded and vibrant and the excitement never wanes.’ Herald Sun (Johanna Selleck), 6 August 2002

Technologic 145

School of Music, Michigan State University (East Lansing , MI, USA)

Musique 21 Orchestra

Technologic 145

Verbrugghen Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Daryl Pratt./Sydney Conservatorium of Music Contemporary Music Ensemble

Technologic 145

Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Alain Trudel/Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Technologic 145

Perfoming "Technologic 4" only

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

tbc/The Queensland Orchestra

Technologic 145

Gympie Civic Centre (Gympie, QLD, Australia)

Craig Allister Young/Queensland Orchestra