2(II=picc).2.2(II=bcl).2(II=cbsn) – 2200 – perc(1): large tam-t/4 gongs/4 bamboo clusters/10 small bowls and bells/4 Japanese rins/3 crot/2 susp.bells/wdbl – strings (min


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Programme Notes

Tranquil Abiding is a Buddhist term for a state of single-pointed concentration. This piece is a 14-minute movement based throughout on a single, slow breathing rhythm. The rhythm consists of an “inhalation” on an upper note followed by an “exhalation” on a lower one. There are melodic fragments above it: one using only one pitch, another three pitches, another five pitches, another eight pitches and a fifth fifteen pitches. It is scored for small orchestra and was commissioned jointly by Riverside Symphony and Bournemouth Orchestras as the result, respectively, of a Koussevitsky award and funds provided by the Arts Council of England. JH

Tranquil Abiding

Cutty Sark (London, United Kingdom)

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Oliver Zeffman