Instrumentation – 4231 – timp – perc(2): glsp/vib/tam-t/4 tom-t/thundersheet/3 cyms/splash cym/3 wdbl/tamb/2 bongo/c.bell/SD/mar/whip/hi-hat/BD/BD+foot pedal – harp – strings


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Programme Notes

This concerto is in two movements of roughly equal length. The first is basically slow with a faster central section, that is reached by slowly increasing energy and speed over several minutes. At the peak of this energy the solo violin leads the orchestra in a 7-part canon that devolves to a rhythmic soundscape over which the soloist floats. The second movement is basically fast with a calm centre followed by a short unaccompanied cadenza and a driving finale that briskly recapitulates its opening. My starting point was the curious quality often achieved by solo violin accompanied by an orchestra playing softly. Few instrumental combinations sound more 'alone', nor give such generous scope for the soloist to sound heroic. The orchestra remains subdued throughout this work, while small numbers of players often band together to form chamber music sized ensembles with the violin. This is 'pure' music that uses no external imagery, allusion, narrative or poetry.

Carl Vine, Jan 2011

Violin Concerto

ABC Classic FM (Australia)