2 basset horn.2 bsn.cbsn - 4 hn


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Programme Notes

I originally planned this piece as a companion to Quick Steps, a wind octet I wrote in 1990, but as I composed it the music turned in a different, more sombre direction. There are twelve short panels: an intrada dominated by the four horns, a quicker section for pairs of oboes and bassoons, a quartet for the clarinets (an Eb, a Bb and two basset horns), a quiet processional for the double reeds, a flurrying, trilling line, a fanfare thrown between the instruments, two chorales, a scherzando, and, finally, two oboe duets framing a repeat of the opening. 'The Way Out Discovered' was commissioned by the Brighton Festival.

© John Woolrich

The Way Out Discovered

No Venue (Brighton, United Kingdom)

David Campbell, London Collegiate Winds