The summer of 2016 found me studying basic Spanish words in preparation for a visit to Madrid, to work with violin teachers for CEPIC.These pages about a medieval castle were open on my kitchen table as I was eating lunch, and they inspired me to write a little suite! 
At the Spanish Castle is a seven movement suite for three part violin ensemble, with each of the three parts carefully constructed for a different stage of beginner playing – Violin A is pre-grade one, Violin B is for a developing beginner, Violin C is for a 'just starting' beginner. I wanted to write something with a medieval feel, stylish enough for more advanced pupils to enjoy joining with the beginners at a mixed level concert - so at repeats there are some suggestions for harder options, to keep everyone happy. (The website link has an mp3 to listen to, where you can hear these options in the repeats.) 
I’m looking forward to receiving some drawings and paintings about the castle and its inhabitants!