At the Spanish Castle by Mary Cohen is a suite of seven contrasting movements for 3-part beginner violin ensemble. Violin A is pre-grade one,  Violin B is for a developing beginner, Violin C is for a 'just starting' beginner. In medieval style, and using a range of simple techniques, this suite takes beginners into some interesting soundworlds. A good Christmas or Summer concert item as it includes a mysterious movement and ends with a celebratory Fiesta!  A useful bonus is that there are some Violin A 'optional octave higher' repeat suggestions, making it interesting for more advanced players to join in and support the beginners in a mixed ability concert. The text is in English with a Spanish translation. Good for training up or establishing a pre-grade one violin ensemble.

Product includes a licence to make up to 10 copies of the score. Purchase of this file is subject to the terms of the licence reproduced on page 21.