As part of the 2021 international dance festival CODA, Hojotoho! (There’s No Place Like Home) was given its first three performances from 22-24 October at the Dansens Hus, Oslo. The project is a collaboration between featuring the choreography of Ingun Bjørnsgaard, and music of Tansy Davies and Rolf Wallin, all in response – and involving – the visual artwork of Vanessa Baird.

The 60-minute dance project, Hojotoho! includes recordings of Davies’ string orchestra work Dune of Footprints and ensemble piece Antenoux which were digitally slowed down and reworked to become something entirely new. The project was co-produced by Dansens Hus supported by the Cultural Council and the Norwegian Composers' Fund.

Davies, Bjørnsgaard and Wallin previously collaborated on Omega and the Deer at 2011 CODA festival.

There are plans to release a recording of Hojotoho! in the future.