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During one of many visits to the Cave of Niaux in south western France, I began to focus (initially for safety) on the cave floor. I became transfixed by the changing structure of the ripples and mounds of the compressed sand and rock under my feet. I thought about some of the flows of energy that had shaped the dune we walked on; the natural force of water over aeons of time, and the rhythm of human footfall over thousands of years.

Dune of Footprints is a searching journey, through tunnels of slowly shifting harmony. New spaces are constantly sought or carved out: like water, as it creates a path. Tall ‘galleries’ open up, allowing for moments of equilibrium or stasis. Sudden cascades dive down into deep darkness, where flinty textures emerge from shadows, then forming small cells that push to resume the forward motion. 

Perhaps human voices can be imagined, emerging from within the body of strings.. Calling out into huge dark chambers and listening for a response, or an echo.

Tansy Davies

Dune of Footprints

Raye Freedman Arts Centre (Auckland, New Zealand)

Auckland Chamber Orchestra, Peter Scholes

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Dune of Footprints

Marmorsalen (Oslo, Norway)

Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Karen Kamensek

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Dune of Footprints

Zehntscheune (Freden, Niedersachsen, Germany)

Camerata Freden