Faber Music Announces Publishing Partnership with Lang Lang

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The piano is my passion. Through the Lang Lang Piano Academy I hope to inspire today’s kids to explore the piano and celebrate the wonderful world of music. There are no short cuts to learning the piano and playing it well, but the journey along the way should be imaginative and rewarding as well as challenging. My aim in this series is to develop a more creative way to study the piano that appeals to the next generation of pianists – wherever they are in the world!Lang Lang, July 2014

Faber Music is delighted to announce the release of mastering the piano, the first series of books to be launched as part of our major, new piano programme: Lang Lang Piano Academy. Mastering the Piano comprises five progressive books for teachers and students, in which Lang Lang - one of the world’s most prolific and highest-profile recording artists - explores and develops piano technique for young players. This is the first time Lang Lang has worked with a music publisher anywhere in the world; the launch of this series initiates an ongoing collaboration between Lang Lang and Faber Music through the Lang Lang Piano Academy.

The remarkable reputation of Lang Lang as one of the world’s leading concert pianists precedes him and he was recently included in “Time 100”, Time Magazine’s annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. He is credited with playing no small part in encouraging more than 40 million children in China to learn to play the instrument.
Lang Lang appears courtesy of Sony classical
Kathryn Knight, Director of Publishing and Business Development, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Lang Lang on this major new initiative. His extraordinary talent and charisma has inspired millions to take up the piano. Through the Lang Lang Piano Academy, he will have the chance to touch the lives of young pianists everywhere and to set them on their musical journeys.”
The five books in the mastering the piano series are progressive, ranging from established elementary to intermediate (Levels 1 to 5). The first three books (Levels 1-3) come out in September, followed by two further books (Levels 4-5) in October. (Levels 1-5 equate broadly to exam system Grades 1-5). Each book contains separate units that develop a different aspect of piano technique through focussed exercises and studies, as well as masterpieces by composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Schumann.
The books also feature a selection of characterful world music, with arrangements hailing from around the globe including Europe, Africa, Asia and America. The series includes full colour sections with photos of the pianist, as well as incorporating messages and hints and tips from Lang Lang throughout, indicating the style and learning techniques he recommends:
For me, phrasing is like having a conversation. Each phrase is a sentence in that conversation – sometimes you include a comma because you have more to add and sometimes you finish the sentence.Lang Lang, July 2014
With guidance from Lang Lang himself throughout, mastering the piano provides an educational resource that captures his passion, drive and extraordinary mastery of the piano, communicated in an accessible format. Additional supporting materials will be available to download from the website, as well as exclusive audio and video content.
Throughout his prestigious career Lang Lang has remained passionate about the importance of inspiring new generations of young pianists, and the announcement of this new series comes at a time when Lang Lang is more committed than ever to his work on education projects and charitable activities.
Published by Faber Music, Levels 1, 2 and 3 (September 2014), Levels 4 and 5 (October 2014)
Priced £8.99-£10.99.
For sales enquiries, please email: trade@fabermusic.com / tel: 01279 828989