Keaton Henson: Inside Voice - Sketchbooks 2011-2022
Take a deep dive into the fascinating and personal pages of Keaton Henson’s scuffed and well worn sketchbooks, spanning over ten years of drawing and writing on benches, trains, hotel rooms and at home. A must-have for any Keaton Henson fan and art enthusiast.
Inside Voice is a collection of his drawings, sketches and doodles from these sketchbooks over the last 12 years. Curated by Keaton himself, this collection gives a rare glimpse of what’s inside his head. Out Now.  
An unfiltered glimpse into Keaton’s subconscious...
Bound beautifully with a removable cover and printed inner cover, the pages were painstakingly curated and scanned at high resolution to capture the feeling of rifling through the real books. 
“These books have been with me in every bus, train, plane, hotel room, hospital waiting room and park bench I have ever inhabited. Since childhood I have had one at my side at most hours of most days, catching whatever falls from my withering head. Keeping me company.” Keaton Henson