With nearly 40 years of experience in the choral field, esteemed conductor and composer Bradley Ellingboe shares his wisdom, tips, and practical advice in an accessible and enjoyable style. His pragmatic approach will help you learn the right questions to ask for your own unique situation, and will help you learn to arrive at your own solutions. 

The interrelated chapters guide you through the necessary steps for preparing a successful concert or season, making effective rehearsal plans, efficiently preparing your scores and conducting gestures, problem solving issues of vocal technique, and much more. The appendix of correlated, reproducible worksheets, templates, music, and handouts will help you more easily organize your plans and apply the useful suggestions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
"In A Practical Guide to Choral Conducting Bradley Ellingboe insightfully addresses a full spectrum of topics essential to the development of a successful choir conductor garnered from his own long and distinguished career as a conductor, vocal soloist, and music educator.  Ellingboe’s topical approach is a comprehensive one, from selecting and performing repertoire to matters of rehearsal techniques, conducting gestures, vocal production, aspects of texts, working with an orchestra, etc., all crucial considerations for any choral conductor. As a composer who has concertized with Prof. Ellingboe and his choirs in the past, it is gratifying to see that which has brought him esteem now in book form to be shared with his conducting colleagues, all of whom are certain to be enriched by its contents.”    
Morten Lauridsen