30-Licence Download

This is a choral download sold with a licence to make up to 30 copies.

Commissioned by Reverie and first performed on 6 March 2015 at Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square, London by Reverie.



Extracts from On Time by John Milton and A Little Bird by Aleksandr Pushkin (trans. Louisa Long).


Performance Notes:

Positions 1, 2, & 3 demonstrate the formations in which singers should stand where indicated in the score. Different performance spaces may require variations on the original formations.

In this version, where the repeated line 'Attired with stars we shall forever sit' is sung by altos and tenors (marked cantus firmus), this line should be sung either by very strong soloists, or a little group of soloists so that it is never lost against the moving parts around it.


Duration: 5 mins