Chapter Three by Charlotte Bray for solo piano.
"For my friends, aka The Nuggets."
Programme Notes
Chapter Three is a collection of five pieces, written as gifts for various friends to celebrate the births of their children, the third in a series of collected piano pieces. Exploring the piano in various ways, the pieces are intended to be played by children or adults alike. 
As a baby, little Zachary just couldn't stop eating avocados! Avocado Man was born. The gentle character reflects his temperament; slowly moving patterns centre on the white notes of the piano.
Bryn’s Blue Jay was written at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire, whilst watching beautiful blue jays from the window. It is graceful and light, with a flowing melody punctuated by chirping staccato octaves.
Luke’s Lamborghini reflects Luke's love of cars. Chromatic movement revs the music on, fast and extrovert.
Dustin’s first passport photo inspired Wanted. What a great picture! The music is mysterious and sneaky, as if the villain is creeping around. Trills and sudden dynamic contrasts add to the tension.
Zayden’s Den is in three, joyful and sweet, with a cheeky swing.
- Charlotte Bray
Duration: 7 minutes