30-Licence Download

This is a choral download sold with a licence to make up to 30 copies.

Some time ago, I was asked to write an ‘agnostic’ carol. This short choral fanfare is the result, and the text consists simply of its title in eight different languages – ending excitedly in English.

ARABIC Meelad Majeed!


JAPANESE Meri Kurisumasu!

FRENCH Joyeux Noel!

SWAHILI Kristmasi Mwema!

SPANISH Feliz Navidad!

POLISH Wesolych Swiat!

Happy Christmas, Happy Christmas, Happy Christmas!

Roxanna Panufnik, 2006


First performance given by VOCES8 on 2 December 2013, at 'The Candles Glow', the Edition Peters Annual Christmas Concert 2013, St Bartholomew the Great, London, UK.