During its long history Edition Peters has produced no less than five editions of Bach’s Inventions and Sinfonias (BWV 772-801). Each of these editions has been based on the most up to date musicological and pedagogical research at the time of release, and this is especially true of our new 2015 Urtext edition. Edited by musicologist Ulrich Bartels, and based on Bach’s autograph and all relevant source materials, this new edition will be a joy for pianists to use, and encourages the progression of technique and musicality amongst students.

Inventionen und Sinfonien BWV 772–801 für Klavier: Nach der autographen Handschrift von 1723, Urtext

Urtext-Edition, beruhend auf Bachs AutographUnter Berücksichtigung zeitgenössischer SekundärquellenVorwort und Kritischer Bericht:deutsch / englische benfalls erschienen:15 dreistimmige Inventionen / Sinfonien BWV 787801 Neuausgabe, Urtext EP 11420.