Lang Lang Piano Academy: mastering the piano level 4 (approximately equivalent to Grade 4/Early Intermediate) includes sections on legato pedalling, phrasing and rubato and new accompaniment styles.


  1. Posture, movement and hand shape
  2. Legato pedalling
  3. New accompaniment styles
  4. More on chords
  5. More on rhythm
  6. Musical context
  7. Phrasing and rubato
  8. Dexterity

Mastering the piano is the first series of books to be launched in the Lang Lang Piano Academy. Comprising five progressive books, mastering the piano captures Lang Lang’s passion, drive and extraordinary mastery of the piano. Each book gives students the chance to learn from this exceptional talent, with: 8 units that develop key aspects of piano technique; specially devised exercises & studies; a diverse selection of repertoire including Lang Lang’s favourite works;  and inspirational commentary & guidance from Lang Lang himself.

Listen to Lang Lang perform  Sweet Dreams from 'Album for the Young' by Tchaikowsky

Download FREE Scales & Arpeggios chart for Level 4