In this book, saxophone master Vincent Herring has created a unique and logical way to approach improvising — one which will give your musical development a solid footing you won't find anywhere else! It contains detailed explanations of crucial improvisation concepts, and then demonstrates them with transcriptions of recorded phrases, as well as complete solos (including C, Bb, Eb and bass clef versions), showing how these concepts are utilized in real-time musical settings. Includes:

  • In-depth look at Pentatonics.
  • Dissecting the Diminished Scale
  • Formulating Bebop Language - a new and more effective approach
  • A comprehensive collection of idiomatic cells, lines and patterns over all chord qualities
  • Over 100 transcribed phrases from Vincent and other master musicians demonstrating the various concepts of the book
  • Videos of Vincent playing ideas from the book, along with 7 transcription videos of Vincent's solos
  • For musicians of any skill level, on any instrument