Lute-Book Lullaby is the stunning Christmas anthem which first brought the music of Alexander L’Estrange to our attention at the turn of the 21st century. Commissioned by award-winning chamber choir, Tenebrae, this beautiful mixed-voice composition contrasts a sweet “lulla, lullaby” refrain with a haunting and evocative soprano solo. The rich, mysterious harmonies, reminiscent of Messiaen and Howells, reflect L'Estrange's early musical training as a chorister in Oxford. 

Recorded by Tenebrae for Signum Records on a CD entitled Mother and Child, conducted by Nigel Short.

Lute-Book Lullaby is part of Faber Choral Signature Series which introduces a wealth of new or recently written choral music to choirs in search of fresh repertoire. The series draws in a rich diversity of living composers, offering a thrilling array of varied styles.