Mater Dolens by Olivia Belli for Piano.

From Olivia Belli's album, MATER, a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. MATER is a musical investigation and denunciation on environmental issues.

Programme Notes

I composed [the album] together with my husband in our studio in Le Marche (Italy) between June and November 2019, based on themes taken from the Stabat Mater of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, who was native to our same region. It deals with a topic that has always been very close to me: nature. My works are largely inspired by the nature around me - my land, my surroundings -  that turns into a symbol of something else. Up to now, I have dealt with this topic in intimate, personal terms. MATER, on the other hand, speaks of nature in a global sense, nature that involves all humanity, nature that is facing huge problems of various kinds that touch the life of each human being.

- Olivia Belli

Duration: 3'46"