Our Journey Had Advanced for SATB by Marco Galvani.

This is a short choral piece commissioned by Sansara Choir. It was recorded at Winchester College Chapel in 2014, conducted by Tom Herring and Jack Butterworth.

It was also broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside in 2015 as part of an interview with Galvani after his success in the Schellhorn Prize for Composition, 2015. Our Journey Had Advanced was subsequently performed under the Direction of Kieth Kirchoff in Brookline, MA in the summer of 2015.

Text by Emily Dickinson.

Programme Notes

I chose this poem as it represents a physical journey as well as a metaphorical journey into the unknown. Emily Dickinson's poetry has a wondrous sense of mystery and vagueness which never really resolves, always subverting what the reader expects in imaginative ways. This poem is one of my favourites as the last line of each verse puts the reader in a place different from what was expected.

- Marco Galvani

Duration: 4 minutes