Imagine turning on the radio, hearing a good song and being able to write the whole thing down – tune, chords, bassline and drums. That is what you will learn with this course. Real Ear Training is the ultimate book for learning to hear, write down and understand melodies, chords, basslines, rhythms and drum kit grooves. No instrument is required and only basic music notation knowledge is needed. With step-by-step instructions, packed with exercises and accompanied by online audio, this unmissable book is suitable for all levels.

Real Ear Training is ideal for rock & pop musicians and teachers, for teaching yourself, and for improving GCSE, A Level, college and university dictation skills.

This is the book I’ve been looking for all my life – it contains the secret to having a good ear!” Ed Balls, economist and pianist 

Help is finally here for today’s music students! This course brilliantly develops the essential ability to hear and transcribe music.” Darius Brubeck, jazz pianist and composer

Roland Perrin has gained a reputation both as a jazz and world music composer/pianist and is a sought-after music educator. He is a senior lecturer at the cutting-edge London College of Creative Media where he has taught many students now working in the music industry.