Returning for cello and piano by Marco Galvani.

Programme Notes

Returning is a work for cello and piano that experiments with the idea of resonance and consonance between two individual voices. The two voices intertwine within each other's resonance, and in this way form a constantly ebbing and flowing musical landscape. The main textual inspiration for this piece was Pablo Neruda's collection of poetry 'The Sea and the Bells'. Galvani has returned to this source of inspiration multiple times recently, forcing me to reinterpret already familiar texts through musical means. He has tried to reflect this in this piece, as there are sections that require fresh re-interpretation whenever the piece is performed due to the nature of the notation. Returning is highly rhapsodic in style, and draws visual inspiration from the fabulous artwork of Chloe Leaper, an artist for whom line drawings are an endless source of creative potential. This piece embarks on a journey through one specific pencil drawing of hers, interpreting the lively line movements as paths through various musical mazes and caverns. Throughout the piece, there are moments where the players are required to respond to tempi set by the other instrumentalist, so Galvani encourages performers to adopt as free and organic an approach to interpreting the musical score.

Duration: 15 minutes