Songs of A Rainbow Nation comprises four great songs from South Africa arranged for soprano and alto with a straightforward piano accompaniment.

Included are: Hamba Lulu - a wedding song with a gentle, comforting rhythm; Jesu Ukukhanya - featuring a call-and-response structure where a simple solo line is followed by a choral answer; Si Njay, Njay, Njay - a joyfully exuberant song with an infectious rhythm which can also be performed a cappella with some optional percussion for greater effect; and Weeping - a South African pop song from the band Bright Blue which uses as its chorus the refrain from the Zulu anthem N’kosi Sikeleli Africa (God Bless Africa). The arrangements form part of the Choral Basics series, which has been carefully designed to provide rewarding, varied repertoire for beginner choirs. Perfect for singers of all ages, it offers attractive, idiomatic arrangements with carefully considered vocal ranges and straightforward piano accompaniments that support the singers. 

If you enjoy these songs, try L’Estrange’s hit cantata Zimbe! Come sing the songs of Africa!